Wheel Light Installation

IMPORTANT! If you encounter issues with our wheel lights and do not install them as stated below you will not receive a warranty, the info below is REQUIRED!

1. We recommened the use of 3/16" x 1/8" rivets for all wheel light installations. You will need drill bits rated for stainless steel, as normal drill bits will not go through our brackets.

2. Start by sizing up the rings that you were provided with making them all the same size & ensuring that you have enough room to clear your brakes. If you purchased quad or octa row wheel lights you will need to make sure that you have enough room to clear the inside strips.

3. Once you have decided what size you would like your rings to be use two rivets to secure the rings together ensuring that the rings overlap, one rivet will go at the start of the overlap and another rivet will go at the end of the overlap.

4. Once your rings are assembled, we recommened installing one or two brackets to the ring, to install the brackets to the ring we recommend two rivets per L bracket, one holding the bracket to the ring & another holding the bracket to your dustshield.

5. Move forward by installing the ring with one or two brackets to your dustshield in the position of your liking be sure that the portion of the ring with the overlap is facing upwards, we recommend doing one or two first as it makes getting the ring over the brakes easier, you can now install the third & fourth bracket to your dustshield.

6. You should now have a ring & four L brackets all secured to your vehicle, now we move to the strip, place the strip to your liking on the ring by peeling back the provided 3M adhesive, the overlap or gap in the strip depending on the size of your wheel rings will also need to be at the top of the wheel light. To make this clear where you riveted the ring together is also where the beginning and end of your wheel light strip should be.

7. Place a zip tie on both sides of each bracket, do not snug them down to hard these are just a precaution as the odds of the 3M failing are slim to none.

8. Now the fun part, wiring we recommend running one lead down both sides of the truck for all of our double & quad row products. If you have our 5 or 10 row wheel lights we highly suggest running 4 multiple leads, one for each wheel light.

9. Be sure to give slack on the wires coming out of the strip as the saudered connnections aren’t life proof and can break. We HIGHLY recommend putting a zip tie on the wire coming out of the strip around an inch out with slack to keep the wire from pulling out of the strip. Follow your factory brake lines up under the truck and continue routing the wires to your engine bay. Once at the engine bay you can choose how you would like to power your new wheel lights!