Starlight Installation

1. So you just go your starlight kit unboxed & want to get it installed, firstly depending on the make and model of your vehicle you will need to look up a guide on how to remove your headliner, prefferably getting it all of the way out of the truck as doing it inside the truck gives you little to no space & can be quite a pain to get all of your fibers ran.

2. Section off your starlight fibers into 4-8 equal groups and dot your holes with a sharpie, poke your holes and run your fibers.

3. Once your fibers are ran and everything on the backside is clean to your liking go ahead and hot glue your fibers from the backside to the headlier & snip the fibers on the bottom side.

4. Get your headliner back up in your ceiling & find a place to run the rest of your fibers, most people run them behind the front or rear pillars.

5. Connect the fibers to the engine in the spot of your liking "this needs to be inside of the vehicle" the starlight engine is not weatherproof.

6. Run a positive and negative wire off of the leads on the starlight engine to a switch or fuse tap of your choosing to give it power.