Rock Light Installation

1. So you just unpacked your rock lights & need help getting them installed, lets get started. First step is how you plan to mount them, you have the traditional route of bolts & nuts or if you opted to use our magnetic mounts there is also that option.

2. Mounting is pretty self explanatory, nuts & bolts method, drill your holes and tighten them up, if you choose magnets pop your magnets on and stick them in the place of your choosing.

3. Once your rock lights are mounted to the surface of your choosing, now you will need to wire them. We recommend 16GA wire & 14-16GA heatshrink butt connectors for all of the rock lights we offer at Southern Lumen.

4. Run one lead down both sides of the truck, the lead on the right side will power the rock lights on the right & the lead on the left side will power the rock lights on the left.

5. Red goes to red & black goes to black, please refrain from using t-taps as those seem to be popular amongst the truck / off road scene however they do not hold up to the eliments whatsoever. As mentioned prior, 14-16GA heatshrink butt connectors or sauder connections will be your go to.

6. Once you have all your connections hooked up and your wires looking clean and tidy you can move onto wiring up your connections in your engine bay, if you did not choose to use our wiring harness / remote the choice is yours. However if you did get our harness & remote then you will connect the two remaining leads to the end lead on our harness.